Gift Skyblock Extras


Package Description

Purchase Skyblock Extras Whitelist Access as a Gift for 1 Minecraft Account.

Enter your Friend's IGN on the login screen, NOT YOUR OWN.

Skyblock Extras is a Quality of Life mod designed to improve your experience playing Skyblock on the Hypixel server, without modifying core gameplay or providing an unfair advantage over other players. The entire list of included features can be found here: 

To purchase, please sign in using your friend's Minecraft username and provide any additional details when asked. You will receive an email within 5 minutes of purchase detailing how to download the mod, as well as links to our support Discord server: . Please refer your friend to the email as it contains instructions on how they should download the mod.

After your purchase, you may find support within the #support-info channel within our Discord server for additional help.

Please note Skyblock Extras only works on Forge 1.8.9, and that there are no refunds

Specific Instructions for after your purchase: (Please have your friend / the receiver of the Gift carry out these instructions)

1. If your friend has not yet done so, have them join our Discord server:, and verify their IGN by typing "-verify <IGN>" in #verification. More details can be found in the server.

2. After you receive the email detailing how to access the purchase, have your friend navigate to:

3. Have your friend sign in with their Discord account, and enter the SBE Key provided to you in the email.

4. Have your friend click "Download", and double-click the downloaded .jar file to install.

5. When asked, have your friend enter the SBE Key emailed to you and follow the setup instructions. Your friend may need to restart their Minecraft game to complete the setup process.

Additional details and support may be found in our Discord server.